Alberto Contador in Focus

Alberto Contador is one of the best known cyclists in the world. He is one of the only five riders ever to have won all three of the Grand Tours of road cycling. He is of Spanish origins. In 2007, he won the Tour de France, where he raced for the Discovery Channel team. Not only this, he is also touted to be in the same ranks as that of Lance Armstrong, cycling legend and world champion.

So, when Alberto Contador was approached to comment on Lance Armstrong’s ongoing case, he made the news, when he said he did not really want to comment on anything, as according to him, when he is preparing for a race, he prefers to keep these issues at bay, and does not want to think about these, as he does not want distractions. A case had been filed against Lance Armstrong, stating that he is guilty of doping, and there is an impending possibility that he can be stripped of his Tour de France titles, of which he has seven. But Alberto Contador stated he did not want to comment on whether the titles will be stripped, but he paid respect and tribute to his cycling skills.

According to Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong is a cyclist who has time and again showed great physical conditioning, strength, and intelligence in the course of many Tours and other races. When asked about the case, Alberto Contador said that he is not up to date with the ongoing proceedings of the case, and he prefers to keep it that way. Even though Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong were bitter opponents at one point of time, he still feels that he is one of the greatest cyclists to walk the surface of the earth, but other than that, he had nothing to say.