Alessandro Petacchi In Brief

Alessandro Petacchi has been the name of one of the most popular sports person from Italy. He has earned a great name and fame as professional cyclist who has won a number of competitions in his career so far. Most of the popular world cycling titles have been bagged by this legendary cyclist from Italy. Very few people know that Petacchi started his career as a sprinter but later he turned towards cycling and created legend in this sport. Till now, Petacchi has won more than 50 titles which show the natural talent of this cyclist.

Petacchi started his career as a professional cyclist on the year 1996. He graced a number of cycling team and won medals one after another. He participated in almost all prestigious cycling competitions and left his impression almost in all prestigious tournaments. He won Giro de Italia in 2004 and Vuelta a Espana in 2005. Unfortunately he faced a ban from participating in the international cycling competitions due to an allegation of drug addiction. However, he won the battle in the court of law and was again allowed to participate in international competitions.

Alessandro Petacchi made a superb come back by winning the Tour de France in 2010. It was a fantastic win for this great cyclist which proved his supremacy in the game even after a ban of a few years. This ban did not deter his determination a bit. He has been awarded by many international awards for his great contribution in this game of cycling. Alessandro has been the first Italian to win the points classification in the Tour de France which is certainly a great achievement for this cyclist. This man is totally committed to bring more graces to the sport of cycling. He is planning to go on a world tour to promote the game all across the globe.