Cadel Evans Tries Cycling In Sydney

Cadel Evans has achieved much in his elite career of professional cycling.

Though he announced his retirement from races in 2015 he is very much a part of the racing world, courtesy of the road race that is named after him. He also took part in a mountain bike challenge in South Africa, an invite that had been extended to him last year. Though he started with a passion for mountain biking, he went on to take part in road races as well. Being an Olympian who won four times consecutively, he won several events like the UCI Road World Championship, UCI Pro Tour and others such as the Tour de France.

Being a well known and celebrated figure in the world of cycling in Australia, he has recently commented on the state of riding through the streets of Sydney. Even Tour de France champions can find maneuvering their bikes through busy streets intimidating. There was a recent accident that Chris Froome experienced in the streets of Monaco while he was training. Cadel has had similar experiences. He braved through tough riding situations, but even then he cannot find ease of mind maneuvering through the streets of Sydney. Evan lives in Victoria after retiring and has even promoted his autobiography called The Art of Cycling recently.

He has been supporting efforts put in by the city authorities to build paths for cyclists around the city. He feels that the many streets still remain unsafe for cyclists and indeed, many streets can be intimidating. The other reasons that Sydney streets are unsafe is that many streets are too narrow and many road drivers have little time or patience to care for cyclists. Hence, he wishes to build more awareness among drivers for cyclists and to make Sydney a more cyclist friendly city for visitors and residents alike.