Changing Market For Road Bikes

Though Easter weekend will not last for long the glory of the British cyclists will be out in full force.

Irrespective of the location and the model of bike from sleek to fast to the folding bikes, it will be a show of all.

It is believed that the number of sportive has clearly grown and events are being organized where the riders have to cover a certain period of time in a given time. The above statement has been researched by the Mintel market research group and British cycling which is the national governing entity. Over the past five years there has been a huge growth of near about 240% in the events were sportive took part. In the past year there was a count of 380 of such sportives being registered with British cycling and there was a head count of more than 100,100 people that took part. Such level of participation has suggested the following year to be record breaking.

The market for road bikes has increased even though most of them are very pricey and some have add-ons that make them expensive. Mintel says the popularity of sportives as stated in his latest cycling report is the reason behind the boost of such high-price tag bikes.

The market trend of bike sales has also been changing. In 2014 the market was noted with less than 10% sales by volume for road bikes which has now become as much as 25% in terms of value. This is because the average selling price of a road bike is much higher than that of other types.

Though the sale of bikes in a year has changed but it has changed very little in the past five years. However, the average selling price has jumped by almost 42% off late.