Cyclovia: A Huge Success In Downtown Tampa

Cyclovia had taken place on the 19th of October, 2014 (Sunday) in Downtown Tampa with the main aim to promote awareness and safety in relation to the pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads of Florida. It was the first Cyclovia that was ever organized by Tampa and it was a huge success.
The roadway called Kennedy Boulevard was open for only pedestrians and cyclists on Sunday. No other vehicles were allowed to enter the roadway. Therefore the Cyclovia organized in Tampa was basically a day dedicated to cycling, walking, running, skating and dancing.
Booths offering information related to safety and helmet fittings were set up to spread knowledge among the people. Along with that, scavenger hunts, live music, food trucks, cycle decorating stations etc. were also set up in order to keep the people entertained all throughout the day.
In several national studies, it has been revealed that Tampa Bay is a dangerous place for pedestrians because of the road traffic. So the organization of Cyclovia in Tampa Bay can be seen as a sincere attempt on the part of the authorities to promote other modes of transportation alongside cars.
According to Lisa Montelione, (member of Tampa’s City Council) events like Cyclovia will help remove the impression that the national studies have created about Tampa being dangerous. Also more bicyclist and pedestrian-friendly policies can help soften this particular reputation.
Stephen Benson (safety specialist working for the Florida Department of Transportation) said that Cyclovia and other such events are organized mainly to create awareness and help people understand the fact that it is normal to witness pedestrians and bikes on the roadways. Benson really hopes Cyclovia events are held even in the years to come because the authorities are looking for different approaches through which Tampa can become a safer place.
Cyclovia was started in Colombia and have taken place in Gainesville and Orlando as well.