Geraint Thomas’s Dad On His Injury

Mr. Howell Thomas revealed a very surprising secret about his son Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) as he spoke to the media for the very first time. He said that Thomas had the capabilities of becoming a swimming champion but he landed up in the professional cycling arena.

Geraint Thomas fractured his pelvis in the first stage of the Tour de France 2013 and he completed the full tour suffering from excruciating pain. Mr. Thomas knew that his son would suppress his pain and complete the tour as he is extremely strong and stubborn. Thomas had informed his parents that he was suffering but since his doctors had given him the heads up, he was willing to finish the tour supporting his team. Mr. Thomas did not say anything to Thomas as he knew that his son wanted to complete the tour.

The Tour de France 2013 was won by Chris Froome (Team Sky) but Geraint Thomas received acclamation for his performance at the tour despite his injury. Thomas stood 140th in the overall standing at the tour. His father said that it would have been amazing to see Geraint perform in the tour if he had not suffered from the pelvic injury. Mr. Thomas even spoke of Thomas’s 2005 spleen injury in which doctors realized with the help of his coach that his spleen was bleeding.

Mr. Thomas finds the success of his son quite unbelievable, even though he has been betting on him winning for years. He is absolutely proud of his son and believes that Thomas has the capability of winning stages at the Grand Tours instead of helping his teammates. Since Thomas has been an exceptional rider for the Team Sky there is no doubt that the team will allow him to try and win a stage.

According to Mr. Thomas, British cycling and Team Sky in particular are doing well because everything is fair and clean for everyone.