New cycling laws

The motorists of Queensland might be pushed to give cyclists a 1 metre berth in the urban regions and more space in high speed areas or country areas. Parliamentary transport committee is now brushing cycling regulations following a string of deaths. Moggill MP Bruce Flegg, who is a well known cycle rider, told that too many cycle riders are dying on the roads of Australia.

He told that the country’s fatality numbers compare badly with those in United states and in United Kingdom where wearing helmets are not compulsory in several states. Dr Flegg backs a proposal to bring in new rules specifying safe passing distances.

On Wednesday, he spoke to the committee in Brisbane and told that it was like a war zone outside. We see that motorists virtually sticking their finger up at you, cutting people off or tailgating, and deliberately brushing against.

Cycle riders accounted for almost five per cent of road accidents as well as hospitalizations between the year 2008 and 2012 in Queensland alone and there were eleven cycle fatalities previous year. In the year 2011, the number was nine.

Previous Saturday, Karayan was killed when a big truck clipped a rail bridge and hit him in Brisbane. Cycling advocates said the committee that backed the 1 meter new regulation, but they questioned whether it could really be enforced. In fact, they even questioned how hardheaded it was on narrow roads in the city.

Brisbane CBD Bicycle User Group’s Paul French recommended downing speed limits to thirty kilometers per hour in urban regions, and called for further dedicated bike roads. He further added that five lakh people were not riding their bikes as they were scared to ride a bike.