Porte Concludes Season Early Given Fitness Issues

Aussie cycling star Richie Porte has decided to conclude his 2014 season early given serious health problems. The rider has not participated in any of the championships since Tour France this year.
“I could not come up with best health this time”, Porte noted. “I spoke to doctors in Manchester & we have discovered that I had mild pneumonia during the France Tour.”
Richie helped Froome in winning 2013 Tour France title & scored a number of great achievements for himself last year- including overall victory in Paris-Nice & 2nd position in Vuelta Pais Vasco & Criterium Dauphine.
However, 2014 season did not prove to be that generous for the star Aussie rider. His sole victory this year was at Down Under Tour & he also achieved an overall 2nd position in Vuelta Andalucia.
At Tirreno-Adriatico, Porte was all-ready to challenge alberto Contador, the eventual winner- yet it was his sudden sickness that pushed him to withdraw from the race. He also had to cancel plans to bid for Giro’s pinkjersey. But by Tour France in July, he came back stronger & even took up the Sky lead as Froome crashed out – yet again had to go out of the contention due to a bad chest infection.
“For me it is like end of year now”, said Porte. “But I am hopeful to come up with a far better season next year. I won’t be beating myself much – I have experienced something similar 3 years back & I also have good years since. I am really happy to mark a line here & move on.”
Porte joined up with team Sky after his stint in Saxo Bank in the year 2012. He has assisted Sir Wiggins in winning Tour France title in 2012 as well as Froome the next year.

Wiggins Not To Take Part In Grand Tours

Sir Wiggins is not interested to take part in the grand tours any more, much to the dismay of many of his fans.
The ace rider has turned back on the cut-throat cycling road racing & has reportedly ruled out contesting in Tour France further or ay such grand tours.
The Tour de France 2012 champion is rather more interested in track and is looking forward to participate in the upcoming Rio Olympics.
“I am sort of done with the road”, remarked Wiggo who recently won silver at Commonwealth Games team pursuit.
“I have bled it completely dry. The road seems quite cut-throat. On the other hand, the track looks more of a family with closer-knit team of people”, Wiggins continued.
“That would possibly be it in regards to grand Tour events. I cannot imagine doing it now.”
The Olympic gold winner (4 time) has not participated in any of the grand tour events after he pulled himself out of 2013 Giro Italia. Last year was a rough phase for the ace British rider as he mostly down with injuries that barred him from showing up with his usual stellar performance. Albeit he was keen to take part in 2014 Tour France yet he was not allowed to race by his team Sky. It was the 2013 Tour France champ Froome who was favored mostly in place of Wiggins.
Wiggo even hinted that his tenure with Sky is soon to conclude. “I have had my spa here & had good success as well”, Wiggins stressed. “Things will move on & it is natural evolution. Sky has got over competitive & presently it’s only about winning the grand tour events. The track, actually, is the place where everything started for me.”

The Negative Impacts Of Cycling As Per The Cyclists

Two wheeler is more popular but it also comes with its dangers. Some riders are inconsiderate and so much that the cyclists fear the cyclists. Be it the busy road, a narrow pathway, broad lane to hilly terrain the cyclist has the danger of colliding with the other cyclist if many are moving in together at the same pace.

The sport of cycling is booming. The bike shops and repair parts are booming with cycling. The tournaments of cycling are also making the cycle business boom. The pedestrians are the worst hit by cycling.

The main danger associated with accident while cycling is the injury of limbs and hands. The reports of killing of pedestrians by cycling have been rising from time to time. In 2012 the National Cycling Charity found out that 98% of the injuries of pedestrians occur due to the motor vehicles collision. Still the cyclist is not learning anything from the rising accidents. Travelling in the city in rush hour with the cycle is a huge task in itself especially when the place is crowded.

For rash cyclists traffic rules mean nothing. They do not obey the rules. Car drivers are now being credited more than the cyclist for allowing them to pass through. Though driving on cycle is a brave step but what is equally important is to follow the rules prerogatively. Insurance is necessary along with observance of cycling laws. In Japan there exists cycling laws. The behaviour of the cyclists in London differs from those who are in Tokyo. People and riders are sensitive to cycling and even during rush hour the people in Japan drive cautiously without getting injured and letting anyone get injured. Such sensitivity is what is required by all who drive cycles.

Alberto Contador’s Performance In Catalunya Reflects That He Is Back Into Action

Alberto Contador (Team Tinkoff-Saxo) is one of the best professional cyclists as he has won all the three Grand road cycling tours. Therefore much is expected out of him and he has always proved his worth in ways unimaginable.

Recently, Contador was able to win the 2014 Tirreno-Adriatico tour. Despite of the harsh conditions during the Volta a Catalunya tour, he performed well and finished second in the general classification of the tour. Contador’s Spanish Compatriot-Joaquim Rodriguez (Team Katusha) won the 2014 Volta a Catalunya. Tejay Van Garderen (Team BMC Racing) has also performed well in the tour.

Bjarne Riis (boss of Tinkoff-Saxo) is of the opinion that the outcome of the tour reflects the fact that Contador is in good form at the moment. According to Riis, Contador is better than what he was during the Vuelta a Espana 2012. Riis is glad to see Alberto Contador at this superb level because Contador has worked really hard for it.

It was in this weeklong tour (Volta a Catalunya) that, Chris Froome and Alberto Contador came face to face after the Tour de France 2013 in which Contador had to struggle a lot.

Contador is himself very pleased of his performance at the tour and is glad that he was able to improve himself every day. However, he was a little disappointed that he could not take proper advantage during the mountain racing stages.

Alberto Contador is going to participate in the Tour of the Basque Country (Vuelta al Pais Vasco) which will start on the 7th of April this year. Reportedly, Contador is going to take a break after the Tour of the Basque Country so that he can prepare for the Tour de France 2014.

Contador has started off his 2014 cycling season successfully and is reducing offseason distractions to completely focus on the present season.

Wiggins inspired Trott to ride

Laura Trott is undoubtedly the most successful female riders in Brit cycling and guess who inspired to Olympic champion to pedal- it was none other than the 2012 Tour de France champion Sir Bradley Wiggins.

The star athlete, with double Olympic gold & an MBE is on her mission to encourage kids to take to riding, just the way Sir Wiggins encouraged her on their first ever encounter 9 years back- Trott was a little girl of 12 when she first met Bradley Wiggins.

“Bradley Wiggins was my inspiration since my childhood. I first met him when I was 12”, said Trott reminiscing about her early days as a little aspiring rider. “Wiggins hung his own medal round my neck & from that very minute I wished to be track rider.”

Trott was recently at the inauguration of Disney Aim High rider mentoring scheme where she was joined by fellow rider and boyfriend Jason Kenny. The golden couple of Brit cycling have been romantically together since 2012 summer & confirmed their bond in public during Women Volleyball finale where the duo was found cooing behind a very amused Beckham.

Akin to his star girlfriend, Kenny would also help to mentor kids as per the Disney scheme. Kenny is a leading rider himself who admitted that his tryst with track rider Jason Queally has helped him to accomplish his cycling dreams with aplomb.

“Queally won gold in Sydney in 2000 & that’s the very year when I started to cycle at the Velodrome”, noted Kenny. “He is a real human being- it was fantastic to meet the star rider. He is human & has been able to accomplish what he wished to. In the team, everyone of us would look up to Jason. He definitely played a very positive role in shaping us.”

Prudential RideLondon

The Prudential RideLondon festival successfully bagged two awards at the UK Event Awards. The two categories that Prudential RideLondon festival was thought to be the best in were Sports Event of the Year category and Large Event of the Year category.

The Prudential RideLondon, is presently, London’s annual festival of cycling. The cycling festival first took place in the year 2013, August. Winning the double awards at the UK Event Awards was an overwhelming experience for all those who have been associated with the cycling festival.

Emphasizing on the joy of the annual event being a double award winner, Boris Johnson said, “It’s a fantastic achievement for everyone involved with Prudential RideLondon to win the double at the UK Event Awards”. He also described the prominence of the event worldwide, saying the awards have helped the cycling festival in, “cementing its reputation as one of the greatest cycling events anywhere in the world”.

The Prudential RideLondon saw almost 70,000 cyclists participate in the festival; all inspiringly taking to the streets of Surrey and London during the festival when it that took place from 3 to 4 August over the weekend. The cyclists enjoyed all the four different events of the festival. The four events included a fun ride for the families which drew almost 50,000 cyclists. The next one was a mass participation involving a ride of 100 miles. The other two events were that of a professional criterium and that of road races. Around 180,000 spectators witnessed the events at the cycling festival.

The festival raised more than £7 million with the help of the 15,833 finishers of the events. The fund raised, for charity, has made a record as a one-day cycling event in the UK. The next Prudential RideLondon cycling festival will be one again held in 2014, over the weekend, from 9th to 10th of August.

Wiggins hopeful post recovery

Amazing news for Wiggins fans who have missing him out from action for the past few months- The ace Team Sky rider has confirmed about his recovery and is hopeful for a striking performance in the upcoming esteemed championships namely, Britain Tour & World Championships.

Wiggins was suffering from a chest infection that had him back out from Giro d’Italia last May and his severe injury prevented him from defending his 2012 Tour de France title this year. However, Wiggins is positive about his recovery and has also come victorious in Tour of Poland, his first race after the long hiatus due to illness.

While speaking about his inability to participate in Tour de France, the thirty-three year old Brit emphasized that albeit his non-participation in the France Tour was depressing yet it held the best for him. “It was surely very disappointing & frustrating that time but not participating in the Tour was apparently the best for me. It has been like a realization for me signifying that things cannot go well every time. When one is aware of bad points, he will appreciate good times as well. But I am really well now & I am back to the point where I left in May. It’s all looking very good for the coming two months- Britain Tour & World Championships”, stated Sir Bradley Wiggins.

The ace Brit rider who defeated Fabian Cancellara, the 4 time trial world Champion, in the last Poland Tour is strongly eyeing on the upcoming Florence world Championship. He is strongly positive on winning over his maiden rainbow jersey this time.

“It’s nice to get back to racing with my team & back to the winning spree”, stressed Wiggins. “Right now my utmost focus is towards World Championships that’s what I’m preparing for with time trials”.

Geraint Thomas’s Dad On His Injury

Mr. Howell Thomas revealed a very surprising secret about his son Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) as he spoke to the media for the very first time. He said that Thomas had the capabilities of becoming a swimming champion but he landed up in the professional cycling arena.

Geraint Thomas fractured his pelvis in the first stage of the Tour de France 2013 and he completed the full tour suffering from excruciating pain. Mr. Thomas knew that his son would suppress his pain and complete the tour as he is extremely strong and stubborn. Thomas had informed his parents that he was suffering but since his doctors had given him the heads up, he was willing to finish the tour supporting his team. Mr. Thomas did not say anything to Thomas as he knew that his son wanted to complete the tour.

The Tour de France 2013 was won by Chris Froome (Team Sky) but Geraint Thomas received acclamation for his performance at the tour despite his injury. Thomas stood 140th in the overall standing at the tour. His father said that it would have been amazing to see Geraint perform in the tour if he had not suffered from the pelvic injury. Mr. Thomas even spoke of Thomas’s 2005 spleen injury in which doctors realized with the help of his coach that his spleen was bleeding.

Mr. Thomas finds the success of his son quite unbelievable, even though he has been betting on him winning for years. He is absolutely proud of his son and believes that Thomas has the capability of winning stages at the Grand Tours instead of helping his teammates. Since Thomas has been an exceptional rider for the Team Sky there is no doubt that the team will allow him to try and win a stage.

According to Mr. Thomas, British cycling and Team Sky in particular are doing well because everything is fair and clean for everyone.

New cycling laws

The motorists of Queensland might be pushed to give cyclists a 1 metre berth in the urban regions and more space in high speed areas or country areas. Parliamentary transport committee is now brushing cycling regulations following a string of deaths. Moggill MP Bruce Flegg, who is a well known cycle rider, told that too many cycle riders are dying on the roads of Australia.

He told that the country’s fatality numbers compare badly with those in United states and in United Kingdom where wearing helmets are not compulsory in several states. Dr Flegg backs a proposal to bring in new rules specifying safe passing distances.

On Wednesday, he spoke to the committee in Brisbane and told that it was like a war zone outside. We see that motorists virtually sticking their finger up at you, cutting people off or tailgating, and deliberately brushing against.

Cycle riders accounted for almost five per cent of road accidents as well as hospitalizations between the year 2008 and 2012 in Queensland alone and there were eleven cycle fatalities previous year. In the year 2011, the number was nine.

Previous Saturday, Karayan was killed when a big truck clipped a rail bridge and hit him in Brisbane. Cycling advocates said the committee that backed the 1 meter new regulation, but they questioned whether it could really be enforced. In fact, they even questioned how hardheaded it was on narrow roads in the city.

Brisbane CBD Bicycle User Group’s Paul French recommended downing speed limits to thirty kilometers per hour in urban regions, and called for further dedicated bike roads. He further added that five lakh people were not riding their bikes as they were scared to ride a bike.

Robbie McEwen enjoys coaching

Robbie Mcewen, the former great Australian sprinter is also known as one of the fastest road cycle racers of the world. He has delighted all the cycling fans over the years with his amazing performances at various events including Tour de France. He holds numerous records which have remain untouched for many years. Recently, Andre Greipel broke his record at 2013 Tour Down Under for 12 stage wins. He is one of the most celebrated cyclists of all time with a fabulous record of winning 3 green jerseys from Tour de France and more than 200 cycling races at the professional level.

This great Australian sprinter was known as Rocket Robbie during the peak time of his career for his fast speed. He started his road cycling career at the age of 18 and from then he never looked back. His major winning events include:

• Tour de France- 3 green jerseys in 2002, 2004 and 2006 (12 stages).
• Tour Down Under- 12 stages win.
• Giro d’italia- 12 stages win.
• Paris Brussels- 6 time winner.
• Paris Nice- 2 stages win.
• Dwars door Vlaanderen- 2003 winner.
• Grote Scheldeprijs- 2002 winner.
• Australian National Road Race Champion- two times champion. (2002 and 2005)
• Vattenfall Cyclassics- 2008 champion.

The glorious career of Robbie McEwen came to an end last year after he rode for the last time at the Tour of California. He took retirement at the age of 40 when he officially rode at the UCI World Tour for his team Orica Green Edge. Now, he works as the sprint coach or technical consultant of the same team. He launched his autobiography in 2011 which is titled as One Way Road. You can purchase it from the official website of Robbie McEwen. You can also follow him on twitter to know more about his life and latest updates.