Team Sky to be led by Chris Froome

It has been a long desire for Christopher Froome to lead his team at the Tour de France and now it seems that his dream is on the verge of becoming a truth. Dave Brailsford of Team Sky has announced that in all probability Froome will be leading Team Sky at the 2013 Tour de France. Froome was reportedly a bit upset after having had to play a second fiddle to Brad Wiggins at the 2012 France. This year, it seems, he will have his chance while Wiggins is likely to concentrate at the Giro d’Italia.

The team condition is not good for the Team Sky as there will be a number of new support staffs in the team. Steven de Jong and Bobby Julich, the last year coaches, have left the team after confessing the doping charges. The Head Director Sportiff of the team, Sean Yates, retired and three other members left as they will be joining Rugby. But Brailsford is not bothered as he tells that it is likely to happen anytime. He is looking at its brighter side on the contrary. He tells that new men always come up with new ideas and it can lead to betterment.

Brailsford commented on the team’s approach towards the next season by saying that they have just started their training and they have lot to think about it. Then he added on the possibility of Froome to be the leader at 2013 Tour. He emphasized that the plan has not yet been sanctioned but it is very likely to be the scenario. He thinks that it would be a good option for Wiggins as well as he can add one more feather to his crown if he manages to win the Giro.