The Negative Impacts Of Cycling As Per The Cyclists

Two wheeler is more popular but it also comes with its dangers. Some riders are inconsiderate and so much that the cyclists fear the cyclists. Be it the busy road, a narrow pathway, broad lane to hilly terrain the cyclist has the danger of colliding with the other cyclist if many are moving in together at the same pace.

The sport of cycling is booming. The bike shops and repair parts are booming with cycling. The tournaments of cycling are also making the cycle business boom. The pedestrians are the worst hit by cycling.

The main danger associated with accident while cycling is the injury of limbs and hands. The reports of killing of pedestrians by cycling have been rising from time to time. In 2012 the National Cycling Charity found out that 98% of the injuries of pedestrians occur due to the motor vehicles collision. Still the cyclist is not learning anything from the rising accidents. Travelling in the city in rush hour with the cycle is a huge task in itself especially when the place is crowded.

For rash cyclists traffic rules mean nothing. They do not obey the rules. Car drivers are now being credited more than the cyclist for allowing them to pass through. Though driving on cycle is a brave step but what is equally important is to follow the rules prerogatively. Insurance is necessary along with observance of cycling laws. In Japan there exists cycling laws. The behaviour of the cyclists in London differs from those who are in Tokyo. People and riders are sensitive to cycling and even during rush hour the people in Japan drive cautiously without getting injured and letting anyone get injured. Such sensitivity is what is required by all who drive cycles.