Wiggins Not To Take Part In Grand Tours

Sir Wiggins is not interested to take part in the grand tours any more, much to the dismay of many of his fans.
The ace rider has turned back on the cut-throat cycling road racing & has reportedly ruled out contesting in Tour France further or ay such grand tours.
The Tour de France 2012 champion is rather more interested in track and is looking forward to participate in the upcoming Rio Olympics.
“I am sort of done with the road”, remarked Wiggo who recently won silver at Commonwealth Games team pursuit.
“I have bled it completely dry. The road seems quite cut-throat. On the other hand, the track looks more of a family with closer-knit team of people”, Wiggins continued.
“That would possibly be it in regards to grand Tour events. I cannot imagine doing it now.”
The Olympic gold winner (4 time) has not participated in any of the grand tour events after he pulled himself out of 2013 Giro Italia. Last year was a rough phase for the ace British rider as he mostly down with injuries that barred him from showing up with his usual stellar performance. Albeit he was keen to take part in 2014 Tour France yet he was not allowed to race by his team Sky. It was the 2013 Tour France champ Froome who was favored mostly in place of Wiggins.
Wiggo even hinted that his tenure with Sky is soon to conclude. “I have had my spa here & had good success as well”, Wiggins stressed. “Things will move on & it is natural evolution. Sky has got over competitive & presently it’s only about winning the grand tour events. The track, actually, is the place where everything started for me.”